Урологический отдел
Urinology Department


The Department has fifteen beds, and is intended for the provision of conservative and surgical services to patients affected by urological pathologies. The Department employs a urinologist who performs outpatient-polyclinic reception, and possesses broad diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities.

The Clinical Center enjoys the most advanced diagnostics facilities for X-ray and radionuclide, ultrasonic and laboratory diagnosis. This enables us to perform a broad spectrum of patient examination procedures. The Urinology Department commands top of the line endoscopic equipment including fiber-optic endoscopic tools; our specialists are able to perform diagnostics of all the urinary subsystems, urodynamic examinations and videourodynamic observations.

The Urinology Department has operating rooms outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, such as Class 4 lasers and other advanced apparatuses. Our Department features an advanced remotely operated lithotripter (the machine which enables extracorporal breaking of stones found in the urinary system). One outstanding feature of this unit is the ability of ultrasonic guidance and control of breaking of stones (lithotripsy) without the need of an X-ray (or with minimum X-ray use). Another great feature is that the machine causes a much less intensive painful sensation as compared to some of the equipment used around the country, which means that therapy sessions require no anesthesia and can be carried out at outpatient facilities.

The Urinology Department of the Center employs all of the methods of urinary stone disease treatment, performs endoscopic operations with the use of laser technology on any of the parts of the urinary system, laparoscopy and video-assisted operations, as well as conventional surgical operations including treatment of oncology disorders.

Comfortable accommodations on par with European standards, operating and dressing rooms fitted out with top-notch equipment, broad diagnostic capabilities, application of effective modern pharmaceuticals and, last but not least, our highly skilled specialists will definitely help with your problems.



Examination and surgical treatment of urology patients is provided on a fee basis (to assigned patients), as well as under health care service and insurance contracts. Indications for an operation, necessary examinations and the duration of hospitalization are determined during an advisory reception.

Urinologist’s consultation

Consultations are offered to all patients referred to the Center by their consulting physicians or by urinology specialists of any outpatient or inpatient medical institution of the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries, as well as to patients applying for treatment independently.

Pre-admission consultations are carried out by previous appointment, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 14:00 till 15:00, at office Г 112.

To make an appointment for a consultation and get background information, you can use the services of the Contact Center: 8 (017) 543-44-44 and 8 (029) 543-44-45.

Contact information of the Urinology Department

8 (017) 543-43-44 – Head of Department Sergey Olegovich Goldytsky

8 (017) 543-43-43 – Staff Room

В отделении работают
Goldyckij Sergej Olegovich
Head of the Urology Department
Protas Nikolay Sergeevich
Goldyckij Sergej Olegovich
Head of the Urology Department
  • Specialization: urologist
  • Work experience: 10 years
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Protas Nikolay Sergeevich
  • Specialization: Urologist
  • Work experience: 32 of the year
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