Angiography and endovascular surgery
Angiography and endovascular surgery

Nowadays X-ray surgery specialists carry out all types of angiographic and electrophysiological studies and practically the whole range of X-ray surgical operations. Registration of results is performed on all types of media (CD, DVD, formatted tape, paper).

The whole range of diagnostic and treatment procedures for vascular pathology of the heart, aorta and its branches, valvular pathology, for cardiac rhythm disorders.

The following studies are performed in the center:

  • aortography;
  • arteriography (coronary, cerebral, visceral, peripheral);
  • angiocardiography;
  • venocavography;
  • venography;
  • EPI of the cardiac pathways.

X-ray surgical treatment includes the following types of operations:

  • balloon angioplasty for stenosis and arterial occlusion (coronary, visceral, peripheral);
  • implantation of stents in stenosis and occlusion of arteries (coronary, cerebral, visceral, peripheral);
  • endovascular replacement of the aorta, large vessels in the diagnosis of aneurysm;
  • various types of embolization of organ vascular formations;
  • ablation of cardiac conduction pathways;
  • pacemaker implantation.