Gynecology (department of women’s health)
Gynecology (department of women’s health)

Services in the area of women’s health are provided on the base of department of women’s health.

Wide spectrum of diagnostic and treatment procedures using the best equipment and technics are held:

  • obstetric-gynecologic examination
  • ultrasound diagnostics with colored energetic Doppler
  • intake and extraction of intrauterine device under ultrasonic control
  • diagnostics and treatment of cervix uteri pathology
  • diagnostics and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
  • consultation of breast physician
  • ultrasonic diagnostics of breast with puncture biopsy
  • mammography
  • cytological tests
  • diagnostic and treatment of menses disorder, infertility, habitual noncarrying of pregnancy, climacteric pathology, including postmenopausal osteoporosis

Advertence to your health, practical recommendations of experienced specialists will make your visit to women’s health department as comfortable as possible.