Inpatient treatment
Inpatient treatment

We are ready to provide all spectrum of medical, diagnostic and rehabilitation procedures on an inpatient base.

Various surgical and conservative treatment is proposed in departments of our Centre:/p>

  • Therapeutic department
  • Cardiologic department
  • Department of cardiosurgery
  • Surgical department
  • Neurologic department
  • Urologic department
  • Gynecology department

On the in patient base intensive care unit is functioning to prove 24 hour urgent medical care for patients in critical condition and to observe patients in postoperative period.

Modern equipment, adherence to world standarts of medical service, up-to-date technics and traditions, great team of specialists and experience can be provided to every patient: both Belarusian and gests of our country.

Attentive highly qualified personal will take care of your health and comfort. You will appreciate coherent and clear work of all stuffs in our Centre – from emergency room till discharging moment.