Guidelines to patient preparation for sample collection for stool occult blood test (the benzidine test)

  1. Feces shall be collected in the morning. Feces shall be delivered to the laboratory within one hour after collection. If this is impractical, a sample may be collected earlier, but in any case no more than 8 hours before it is delivered to the laboratory. In this case, the sample shall be kept in a refrigerator (do not freeze) (inpatients shall use the sample refrigerator in Room V201).
  2. Urinate before collecting sample.
  3. Before collection of feces, wash external genital organs and anus thoroughly.
  4. Collect feces into a special container -- a clean dry glass or plastic vessel with cap (for best results, use special disposable plastic containers with a screw cap and a spatula). Total weight of the collected material shall be 15 to 20 grams (approximately a tea spoonful); feces shall be collected following a spontaneous defecation.
  5. Use of a matchbox as a container for feces is strictly forbidden.
  6. Three days before the analysis, the patient shall start keeping a special diet. All the products with high levels of barium, bromine, iodine, iron and ascorbic acid shall be excluded. These products include:
  7. - food and by-products;
    - fish and seafood, preserves, caviar;
    - green and red vegetables and fruits, edible greens;
    - buckwheat groat.

    Please also refrain from eating fibrous and solid food that may damage the mucous lining of mouth or stomach:

    - caramel candies;
    - hard bakery products (biscuits, crackers etc.);
    - seeds and nuts;
    - unpeeled cereals;
    - offals etc.

  8. Three days before collecting feces, stop taking antibiotics and pharmaceuticals affecting digestion; stop taking any pharmaceuticals that affect bowel motility (pilocarpin etc.) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals (aspirin, ibuprofen, ortofen, diclofenac etc.), laxatives, rectal suppositories; stop evacuation of the bowels using fountain syringe.
  9. Three days before sample collection, replace your toothbrush with another one having a softer bristle to prevent any injuries of the oral cavity or gum bleeding.
  10. It is not recommended to perform feces examination during menstruation.