General guidelines of patient preparation for bacteriology studies (breast milk analysis)

  1. Material sampling procedure.
    On the day of sampling, the woman should take a shower and put on fresh clothes. Before drawing milk, the patient shall wash hands with soap, thoroughly clean the nipples and the area around them using swabs wetted in 70% ethanol or another antiseptic (each nipple shall be cleaned using a different swab). First 5 to 10 ml of the drawn milk shall be discarded, and the following 3 to 4 ml shall be pured into sterile containers (separate for each breast). The containers are closed, labeled and delivered to the laboratory.
  2. Storage and transportation
    No more than two hours time is allowed from the moment of drawing before examination. Milk drawn on the previous day is not accepted for examination. Do not allow exposure of milk to low temperatures during the cold season.